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Gazanfar Shirin oghlu Kazimov

Gazanfar Shirin oghlu Kazimov left Soltanli secondary School in 1955, graduated from Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute (History – Philology department, on the specialities of language, literature and history) in 1960.
He was post-graduate student of the chair of Azerbaijan linguistics of API in 1962-1965, defended the thesis doctor on “The Language of Dramaturgy of A.Hagverdiyev (“Destroyed home”)”, under the leadership of A.M.Demirchizade, professor, Correspoding member of AS in 1967.
In 1988 he defended thesis of philology Doctor on “The Satirical Prose Languge in Sovet Azerbaijan”.
He has been publishing his scientific works since 1988. The basic trends in his creative activity are as follows:
- History of Azerbaijani language;
- Structure of modern Azerbaijani language;
- Languge of fiction;
- Theory of comism (satire and humour);
- Style and questions of style;
- Study of literature, literary criticism;
- Method, study of languge.
His main books:
“Practical lessons on Azerbaijanian language”, - 18 p.p. (collective, his own part – 11 p.p, 1973).
“Comical – literary devices” (1983), 188 p. – 11,75 p.p.
“Devices of comism in fiction” (1987), 228 p. – 11,5 p.p.
“Gurbani” (filing, Fore word, and notes, 1990), 278 p. – 17,5 p.p.
“Gurbani and his poetry” (1996), 200 p. – 12 p.p.
“Professional thoughts” (1997), 576 p. – 36 p.p.
“Our language – our history” (1998), 280 p. – 17,5 p.p.
Modern Azerbaijani language. Synatx”, for high education (2000, 2004, 2007, 2008), 496 p. – 31 p.p.
“History of Azerbaijani language (form the oldest period till the 134 c.)” (1997), 584 p.
“Theory of comism” (2004, in Russian), 268 p. – 16,75 p.p.p
“History of Azerbaijani literature in 6 valumes.
I v. (2004), 760 p. – 47,5 p.p. (wits the collective of authors – 0,75 p.p.
“Languge, history and poetry”.
“Homer’s poems and “Kitabi-Dede Gorgud”, 2006, 80 p. – 5,75 p.p.
“Creation horizonts”, Baku, BGS, 2008, 376 p.
Collected works, 1 v, Baku, “Nurlan”, 2008, 560 p.
Collected works, II v, Baku, “Nurlan”, 2008, 480 p.
Collected works. III v, Baku, “Nurlan”. 2009, 512 p.
Collected works, IV v, Baku, “Nurlan”, 2008, 528 p.
Collected works, V v, Baku, “Nurlan”, 2008, 500 p.
Collected works, VI, Baku, “Nurlan”, 2009, 584 p.
Collected works, VII, Baku, “Nurlan”, 2009, 576 p.
Collected works, VIII v, Baku, “Nurlan”, 2010, 544 p.
Collected works, X v, Baku, “Nurlan”, 2010, 560 p.
History of Azerbaijan Literary Language, 2007, p. 209-320.
History of development of the complex sentence in Azerbaijani language”, Baku, “Science and Education”, 2010, 194 p.
“Azerbaijanian language”, for 7-8th forms of secondary schools. Since 1983.
“Azerbaijanian language”, for 2 nd and 3 rd forms of Russian school, since 1977.
He has published about 400 scentific-publicistic works in Central Media. A part of his articles (“Azerbaijan’s histoy” – 1: state, ethnogeny and the questions of our language”, “Ashina and Azerbaijan”, “Homer’s Poems and Kitabi-Dede Gorgud”, “The Deepest Layer of Phraseology of Azerbaijanian Language” (pre-writing period)”, “A Grand Monument in the Native Language of the 11 th Century”) are works of monographic type consisting of 3-4 p.p.
He has also published stories, essays, translations and is the author of 9 programs for higher and secondary schools.
He has been the editor of about 70 books and collections.
He is the member of editorial staff of about 10 newspapers and magazines.
About 150 articles have been dedicated to his life and creative activity
Some articles, dealing with his works have been published in the Russian, Turkish and English languages.
Under his leadership 10 philosophy doctors were up-brought (some others have completed their dissertations).
He was the opponent of 10 philology doctors, and 17 philosophy doctors.
He has 50 years general pedagogical and 48 years high school work experience. He worked in API named after V.I. Lenin (the later ASPU named after N.Tusi) as a teacher, head teacher, assistant professor (1965-1998) and the dean of philological department (1989-1997).
He was a member of scientific – methodological council (1970-200), vice chair of dissertation defence council at Pedgogical University (1990-1994), a member of expert council in Supreme attestation Commission (1996-1999), a member of dissertation defence council at the Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi (since 2002).
He was professor of former “Nashichevan” University, and the chief of a chair in Baku Girls’ University. At present he is professor of that University and Azerbaijan Teachers’ Institute. He often gives lectures at the Republican Institute of improvement of teachers, Teachers’ University in Guba, Baku Slavonic University on the Azerbaijani language.
He has made more than 100 hundres reports abroad and in Azerbaijan.
When he was the dean he organised more than 60 scientific meetings.
He has been awarded with honourable prises of Republican and Baku Knowledge society and the badge of “The winner of 1978 socialism competition”.
His textbook the “Azerbaijanian language” writhen for VII-VIII forms has won the 2nd prise (1988) of Azerbaijan Educational Ministry which was reawarded in 1997. His textbook “The Azerbaijanian language” for VII-IX forms was awarded in 2004 as “The year’s most successful textbook”.
Since 1998 he has been a member of the Royal society of Great Britain and North Irelend and is a nominator of Biography Institute of Great Britain, Cambridge Biography Institute and the USA Biography Institute. By Cambridge Biography Institute in 2000-2001 he was announced as International Person of 2000-2001 and was awarded with the silver medal of Honour.
He is a member of Republican Writers’ Union and Republican Journalists’ Union.


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